By | October 2, 2023


Rutherfordton- After months of waiting for repairs to be finished the Women’s Wing of the Rutherford County Jail was given the “go-ahead” to open by State Inspectors today. As many know that portion of the jail was closed back in April by the State for multiple and egregious conditions. (see here)

The following was a statement published on social media by the Sheriff’s Office today.

“Detention Center Renovation Update: On October 2, 2023, the NC Jail Inspector visited the Rutherford County Detention Center and inspected the female housing section that had previously been shut down. After the visit, the jail inspector approved the renovated area and stated the Rutherford County Detention Center could start housing more female inmates. Sheriff Ellenburg would like to thank the Rutherford County Maintenance Department for their hard work in improving this area and the other county departments who also assisted in this renovation.”

Here are some pictures of the updated facility.