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Another Incident At The Jail?

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October 9, 2022

Last night I received a message that an incident had occurred at the jail. The details were a bit fuzzy stating that a shank was used in an assault but later cleared up by a second source.

Sheriff Chris Francis

I asked for a statement from Sheriff Francis last night confirming these events and he has yet to reply.

The allegations are that a violent offender named Stephen Mooney, who is currently being held on a murder charge, (see here) attacked another inmate by placing a bag over his head in an attempt to kill him. It appeared to be a hostage situation and the jail called for assistance from law enforcement personnel.

Individuals from Rutherfordton Police Department and Spindale Police Department arrived at the jail to assist but were not allowed access until the Sheriff could let them in.

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It had been said that a request to move Mooney had been made due to his violent nature but was denied by the county for economic reasons. (having to pay to send him somewhere else)

EMS were called to the jail and the injured inmate was transported for medical attention. Last report said the inmate was in ICU on a ventilator and Mooney was being charged with attempted murder.

Updates will be published as we receive them concerning this.