By | December 16, 2021

Repeat Offenders At Their Best

On 12/15/2021 Rutherford County Sheriff’s deputies were called to a home of a recently deceased gentleman in the Bills Creek area of Rutherford County. Turns out, two subjects were actively trespassing at the time of that call to 911, and, stealing property from that same residence. Deputies arrived in time to find a suspect’s truck loaded down with items from the home. There, helping themselves to other people’s stuff, were Doyle Anthony Dezio and William “Billy” Mitchell Harrill. Dezio was taken into custody but Harrill ran from the scene.
Deputies also found cut off catalytic converters in the duo’s truck. So it appears the duo, when not breaking into homes of the recently deceased, may also be found lying under vehicles in folk’s driveways stealing catalytic converters.

The duo was charged with a host of crimes, including Breaking and Entering, Larceny After Breaking and Entering, Safe Cracking, Possession of Firearm by Felon, and Larceny of Motor Vehicle Parts (catalytic converter).

William “Billy” Mitchell Harrill is still hiding from us. So if anyone has any information regarding his whereabouts, contact Detective B. Ellenburg or the Sheriff’s Criminal Apprehension Team (CAT) at 828-286-2911, or Crime Stoppers 828-287-8477.  They would love to pay him a visit.