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Ted Bell…….No Choice, No Change!



On May 17, 2022 this county along with McDowell County essentially voted to re-elect Ted Bell for DA for four more years. This was in spite of all the things he has and has not done during his tenure.

D.A. Bell (often referred to by some at the courthouse as the “Invisible Man” since he so rarely tries cases himself) is running unopposed for his office….again. Only thirteen percent (13%) of this county voted him in to represent us in the Republican primary.

D.A.Ted Bell with Judge Randy Pool

This is a man who in case you have forgotten has:

  • Altered body cam video in a major death by officer case (verified in court), not charged any officer in that case, not released the official SBI report concerning this case or any other case involving the Sheriff’s office.

  • Who let his friend Judge Pool off the hook for sexual misconduct on the bench. Yet persecuted a woman for eight (8) months for a social media post against a candidate accusing them of “calling” her, then dropping the case on the day of the hearing.

  • Who has as of yet to try the Word of Faith Fellowship cases after over 6 years, but tried a littering case right away against an attorney who complained about him.

  • Who also refuses to show families the body cam video from questionable cases about the death of their loved ones until made to by a court order.

  • Who reportedly has had numerous complaints made about him to the NC Bar Association.

  • Who lied about his political endorsements while campaigning knowingly endangering the positions of multiple law enforcement officials for violation of the Hatch Act.

  • Who rarely tries cases in court preferring to have his staff do the majority of the work.

  • Who is involved in a lawsuit for conspiracy and denial of constitutional rights along with several judges against a local attorney.

Unfortunately we have no choice in this matter. He will win this office even if he only receives one vote. So where does that leave us, the people whom he refuses to represent? We must be diligent in watching and reporting what Ted Bell does and does not do in the next four years. Reporting him to the bar when it is applicable.

When you vote DO NOT MARK your ballot for him. Leave it blank. Show the sentiment of NO CONFIDENCE by not voting for him. Let him see the numbers of how many did not vote for him. You do have a choice by not marking the ballot on any individual who is unopposed if you disagree with their politics.

Hopefully the Bar will act against him the way they did the DA in Henderson County and remove him from office and allow another DA to be appointed. We deserve a DA with integrity, and one who will be transparent and actually represent all the people of this community.

At the very least he could resign and go into private practice but either way he is here now and we have to deal with it as best we can. Stay alert, stay vigilant, and do not allow him to comfortably feel he can continue to act as he has in the past.

Mr. Bell we are watching! The things you have done and not done will NOT be forgotten. Be aware that Karma comes for all, even you.