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Believe in Rutherford….Good News For Good People!

January 20, 2022

“Be Positive!”

You hear that statement from everyone but in these distressing times it seems harder than ever to actually do it. Covid, politics, corruption, etc. seem to permeate the news but there are good things still going on. People are helping people, children are having successes, businesses are overcoming obstacles and participating in their communities.

Random acts of kindness happen everyday.

This column is to not only recognize but celebrate them. This will require input from not only social media sites but from the general public itself. If you know of someone who should be celebrated message or email me and enclose a pic if you have one. I will try to regularly post our “good news.”

I will start it off by commenting how careful the young lady checking me out at Ingles in Forest City was with the bread of the person behind me. She smilingly moved it out of the way as it was coming toward the rail on the conveyor belt saying “I don’t want to squish your bread.” It made everyone in line smile.


Linda and Mike at Carolina Café in Spindale knowing I was going to eat my take out burger later separated the meat from the bread so it would not get soggy. I really appreciated it later that night.


Robert Ward who is a student at Chase High School is ranked 4th in NC 2A heavyweight division. He also plays football for Chase. He is the son of Tim and Anna Brigman. Congrats Robert!



Congrats to Jamie Guillermo of Spindale Fire Department and Tony Sullivan of Greenhill Fire Department for being named Career Fire Chief and Volunteer Fire Chief of the Year for the Western North Carolina Association of Firefighters.


Chick Fil A in Forest City made my night by having fresh chicken and a smile at closing last Monday night.


Also to all the unnamed heroes who shoveled snow and cleared driveways for people this week. Thank you!!!



It doesn’t have to be a big thing to make someone’s day. Just practice kindness.

Believe in each other!

If you have anybody or anything you want to recognize please message me or send them to and I will try to get it posted for you. Let’s celebrate each other.  (include pics if possible)