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Sex & the Courthouse – Again????

SBI misconduct points to yet another sex scandal in District Attorney Ted Bell’s office.  One can hardly forget the actions of

D.A.Ted Bell with Judge Randy Pool

former judge Randy Pool, the allegations of Bell’s ongoing relationship with a deputy clerk of court, and a rumored new entanglement with one of his employees. Yet sexual scandals in the courthouse aren’t limited to just those, anymore it seems.

In recent court filings obtained at the McDowell Courthouse, SBI Agent Randy Wood – a long-time married man, is accused of engaging in similar unlawful actions against several women as well as engaging in an inappropriate sexual relationship with a prosecuting attorney in District Attorney Ted Bell’s office.

SBI Agent Randy Wood (contributed photo)

On June 1, 2023, the first Wood case, thefemale victim (who will not be named due to the conduct at issue) submitted a Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order making the following claims:

“[Agent] Randy Wood text me asking if I was good.  I called him to discuss a stalker situation that I had for months.  He chuckled and asked if I was surprised.  I said uh yes and I’m beginning to not feel safe because they are coming right up to the house!  He explained that he had handled it and that he was always watching from afar.  I asked him what that meant.  He laughed and said I will always keep you safe and I’m always watching you.   How are you always watching I asked??  He then said he had his resources.  Curious I had to have more info.  He said he had to go and would call me tomorrow.  I asked him to come over and tell me more about this watching from afar.”

Agent Wood’s behavior allegedly became more troubling from there.

The court granted the victim’s request for a no-contact order against Agent Wood that continues in effect as of the date of this writing.

In a June 5, 2023 Complaint and Motion for Domestic Violence Protective Order, a second female victim (who will also not be named due to the conduct at issue) requested a protective order against Agent Wood based on the following allegations:

“On Saturday June 3 Randy wanted to take [unidentified individuals] out on the boat.  Due to a change in his behavior, I said no and things escalated.  Randy has been doing drugs, alcohol, stopped taking his meds for his mental issues and because of that me and [unidentified individuals] are afraid of what he’s capable.  Randy is currently under investigation with the SBI which he blames me for and will text [unidentified individuals] calling me ‘a dirty mothe*****er’ trying to get them on his side. Randy has placed me in fear of harm due to his unpredictable state. He has a history of aggression, narcissistic behavior, and mental instability.”

The court granted the second victim a no-contact order against Agent Wood as well, and, on June 9, 2023, issued a second order keeping the no-contact order in place based on finding “threats of continued harassment” by Agent Wood.  That order is also in effect as of this writing.

In its second order, the Court also noted that this matter is tracking [the two other domestic violence cases] and that “Defendant was served. Defendant is in rehab in Florida.”

DA Ted Bell swearing in Asst DA Cydney Joyner (contributed photo)

Most concerning, however, is that multiple individuals working at the courthouse (speaking on condition of anonymity) have alleged that Assistant District Attorney Cydney Joyner entered into a sexual relationship with Agent Wood prior to these incidents and, after the two victims above filed their complaints, drove Agent Wood to the rehab facility in Florida.  And when a file concerning Wood went missing in the clerk’s office it was found in ADA Joyner’s possession.

Those same sources uniformly represented that D.A. Bell has been aware of this situation (as well as other improprieties that these individuals have not yet authorized Foothills Catalyst to disclose) for quite some time.

Despite the conflicts of interest, potential interference with legal proceedings, and appearance of impropriety created by an undisclosed sexual relationship between a prosecutor and law enforcement officer, D.A. Bell has not suspended Attorney Joyner or placed her on leave pending an investigation into these issues.

In fact, because of his refusal to comment on this matter, there is no indication that DA Bell has launched and/or requested any investigation (much less an independent investigation) or taken steps to preserve evidence regarding Attorney Joyner’s alleged actions.

Unfortunately, with history as a guide, D.A. Bell’s extraordinary efforts to shield former-Chief District Court Judge Randy Pool from similar misconduct provides little reason to believe that he will address this matter with any  greater level of candor, transparency, or fidelity to ethical mandates that should govern his handling of this situation.

Regardless of whether District Attorney Bell does so, however, we will continue reporting on this matter as it develops.