By | February 17, 2020

The local GOP website,, has providedĀ  a response to the DraintheSwampConservatives secretative mailing showing preferences to one GOP primary candidate over another. There have also been allegations once again of personnel at the local GOP Headquarters handing out sample ballots with these same selections already marked.

RC GOP Executive Committee

Same dirty unethical tricks that have been done over the years by leadership in our local Republican Party. What kind of leadership doesn’t KNOW what is going on within the party?

Patsy Keever sign was stolen by one of the GOP “Vice-Presidents” and was only returned after the police and Mike Hager stepped in.

Mike Hager and David Reno

Please note that the paperwork on this PAC is INCOMPLETE – it is missing the names of ALL its officers. Is it legal to act as a PAC before all the paperwork is finished and approved?

Why are these people hiding behind a Political Action Committee?

Here are some background stories about the ethics and values held by those associated with the PACĀ  and its members?

Julius Owen’s $300,000 tree in RC Airport Glide path