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Making Laps with Bruce Wayne

Hello small town friendly,
Welcome to another season of making laps with Bruce Wayne, as I showcase another year of Harris speedway .
As for myself this off-season has had it’s twist and turns to say the least, I’ve had to step away from the sport I’ve come to love due to ongoing health issues that are not in my control at the moment so my level 5 racing will be Jared Dysart and Keylon Tate to keep my spirit going strong down at Harris speedway.
On top of the health issues race fans I’ve also been cited 4 times this past few weeks with driving without a license. I keep saying it’s ok because I’m a race car driver but have also had brought to my attention that it does not make a difference lol. off to court I go…
maybe the judge is is a level 5 fan ..
Anyhow I wanted to touch base with my readers to let them know of what’s coming from Bruce Wayne this season …I will cover the weekly results and mix in a few driver interviews and hopefully get my readers closer to their favorite drivers this season.
When I started this column I never expected my readers to be into the thousands, but never say never I guess.
Thanks to my readers I’ve not only been able to share something I love with you, I’ve also come to grow in this stage of my life that I’ve needed so much …
my life is hanging in the balance this season and I want to stress to everyone reading this column to not only embrace life and always give your best effort, but also to cherish the time you are blessed with to have this life and love your family like no other because if something ever comes up that will stop you on a dime, it will challenge your heart to give up or keep going.
So for the record Bruce Wayne is never giving up and will continue to live my life to the fullest (except driving.) (May need to stop that) and I’ll always give my best…
I pray for the citizens of Rutherford county as we go thru a election and also pray for my fellow drivers at the track as we kick this 2022 season off..I hope to be back behind the wheel soon as possible,  but until then level 5 racing will bring you all the action from Harris speedway from the sidelines…
have a great week race fans and hopefully we will see you Saturday night at the greatest show on dirt…..
Your favorite driver,
Bruce Wayne#5