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Opinion: How Does (former) Judge Pool Just Walk Away?

April 12, 2022

Like so many here in Rutherford and McDowell County I have so many questions about how former Judge Randy Pool just “walked” away from any criminal charges for his behavior. (See link from Judicial Standards Commission here)

Mr. Bell goes to great length on his webpage to explain legally why he hasn’t charged Pool with anything, but that still begs the question of why not? Is he afraid of former Judge Pool’s lawyers? Is he afraid of Randy Pool? If so, why?

Former Judge Randy Pool

Besides how he preyed on women while sitting on the bench in court, Judge Pool LIED to authorities, he LIED to his co-workers in the justice department, he according to DA Bell, LIED to him. He out right LIEDAs in his earlier interview with the captain and detective from the Sheriff’s Office, Pool FALSELY stated to the SBI that his and Tierce’s communications were almost exclusively via Facebook, and denied they communicated significantly by text.  However, by the time of this interview the SBI had already reviewed the text messages between him and Tierce and knew the two had been texting.”–Ted Bell for DA website

DA Ted Bell

Even Mr. Bell states that he lied; yet that was OK? What would happen to the average citizen if they lied to the entire justice system about anything they were investigating and made a false police report?

The public all knows that laws are subjective. Right or wrong, WHO or WHAT you know can protect you from charges in the right circumstances. We have all seen it play out in the court system.

A Shakespearian phrase “Methinks thou dost protest too much” comes to mind here. If there was truly nothing “wrong” or “criminal” with Pool’s behavior, then why put an entire page about it on your website with lots of legal “doublespeak?

As much as Mr. Bell tries to dismiss this issue, it is, in fact, very important to the communities whom he serves. Former Judge Pool preyed on women, especially women in a compromised situation. He used his power and influence to pursue sexual gratification even while actively working at the courthouse. Mr. Bell knew this long before the Tierce incident came to light and yet did not pursue steps to stop it until he was forced too when it became public knowledge by Pool forcing charges against Tierce. Also don’t forget other judges were aware of Pool’s behaviors and remained silent.

Where was the public’s protection by the legal community from this predator that apparently they all knew about? We hear the term “good ole boy network” often. This appears to be a prime example of that.

A question here is, if former Judge Pool went to trial what exactly would he say about the environment in the courthouse? Was this behavior peculiar to just him? This is a place where people are vulnerable to the powers of the judicial branch. Was dropping Pool’s prosecution a way to figuratively sweep other people’s behaviors in the courthouse under the rug?

This community has an opportunity to place someone in a position to investigate the rumors and prevalence of this type of conduct. Someone who is not a part of the good ole boy network which has existed there for so long. Someone who promises transparency in all aspects of the office.

Please search your conscience before you vote for District Attorney. This race will be decided in the GOP primary election in May. If you feel that there is anything that has been covered up, silenced, or pushed aside (e.g.-6 year trial waits) or, are just ready for open government in the district attorney’s office and in the courthouse, then vote for Krinn Evans for District Attorney.

Ted Bell has been in office for eight years. Absolute power can corrupt absolutely. It is the reason that term limits are needed for such powerful local elected offices. It is time for a change. Vote Krinn Evans for that change.

Krinn Evans