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Corruption and Politics. You Have A Voice! (updated)

In this age of seemingly never ending political corruption it is easy to feel depressed and hopeless as new allegations come to light on an almost daily basis. This is what these officials want you to feel. They operate in a sea of apathy that fosters this type of behavior. However this is not the case as there are things you can do. Your voice can be heard.

You have a SUPERPOWER – it is to VOTE! Vote the CORRUPT officials out.

You also have avenues for complaints or concerns about your elected officials. If you know of illegal or questionable activities please come forward. Don’t make it easier for them to operate under the cover of darkness with nefarious activities. Shinning a spotlight on questionable behavior can often stop it. Be that light.

Get to know the people you are voting on. Check multiple sources. A good starting resource is Ballotpedia and your local Board of Elections.

Rep. David Rogers, Sen. Ralph Hise Violate Legal & Ethical Mandates for PD Creation Outside of Public View


For information on how to report misconduct of a Senator or Representative, contact the respective committee at the links below:  For further information see Senate Select Committee on Ethics or call 202-224-2981.

Rutherford County NC Legislative Representation 2019-2020 Session

Senator Ralph Hise: to report a complaint or concern click here Representative David Rogers: to report a complaint or concern click here

How can you file a complaint against a judge? (District court judges,Superior court judges, Appellate court judges and justices)

The Judicial Standards Commission considers complaints against judges in North Carolina. Complaints of judicial misconduct against judges, justices, commissioners and deputy commissioners can be filed by clicking here. (

Judges in Rutherford County:

Superior Court Judge: James “Tommy” Davis

District Court Judge: Robert Martelle

District Court Judge: Ellen Shelley

District Court Judge: Michelle McEntire

Magistrates (see requirements and duties here) are supervised by the Chief District Court Judge who is currently Robert Martelle: (Contact his office here  or at (828) 655-4112)

Magistrates in our District

Denise Gardner

Olan Gilbert

Johnny Green

Rhonda Moore

Sara Owens

Brian Smith


Grievance Filing Form for all NC Attorney’s – A grievance may be filed by any person against a member of the North Carolina State Bar. Such grievance may be written or oral, verified or unverified, and may be made initially to the counsel. The counsel may require that a grievance be reduced to writing in affidavit form and may prepare and distribute standard forms for this purpose.

If you have an issue with any attorney or DA’s office you may file a complaint at  The form is on page 3 on this link (


________________________________________________________             *As a footnote to this article if anyone has any information about interactions with former judge Randy Poole that you would like to share please contact us at All information is confidential.