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“Do Unto Others…” or “What Goes Around Comes Around”….RC Politics 2022 Commentary **Updated 10-13-22**


RC Sheriff Candidate Tony Roberson


UPDATE: 10-13-22

I still have not heard back from Polk County Sheriff’s office concerning the training and certifications request but did receive an email from Isothermal Community College confirming that Tony Roberson DID complete and pass his BLET on 10-09-1996 there. I will update with the other information if it is made available.


Well it seems we have another twist in the Tony Roberson for Sheriff social media saga. (Glad I am never running for a political office again….)

To put this in perspective last Jan. a social media post was made on FB about Tony Roberson, RC Sheriff Candidate that made disparaging remarks about his past behavior.  A FB post to Roberson’s wife’s account stated “for Mr. Roberson’s wife to ask her husband how faithful he had been because she knew he had messaged her while in Rutherfordton 2012-2013”.  It went on to say that “others are saying he was drunk and all over them at Copper Penny, and he was not faithful or loyal and why would he give 2 shakes about the common folk. He was dirty and you just don’t see it.”

Candidate Roberson took great offense at these remarks made to his wife and had Leslie Lewis charged and arrested for cyberstalking. He said she was malicious, vile, and libelous in her remarks. A magistrate actually allowed the charges and D.A. Ted Bell’s office spent eight (8) months pursuing them.

Most of us that saw this play out on Facebook were shocked when they actually charged her, much less arrested her for this Facebook post. The general thought at the time was it must have really upset his wife for him to take it that far. It did make you wonder after the Copper Penny incident he was involved in. (see video here)

In that incident Roberson accused a fellow candidate of “setting him up” even though that candidate was out of town when the incident occurred. (See article here) It just got worse however for Ms. Lewis.

At age 39 she had never been arrested and now she had to obtain an attorney for these charges. She stated “I’ve done nothing wrong. This is my First Amendment right. If a man will have you arrested for speaking out against him what will he do in the office of Sheriff?”

DA Ted Bell

This process of the lawsuit took eight months. There were continuances and a judge recused herself and then the out of town judge they got to come in actually worked at the Polk County DA’s office when Roberson was employed as a deputy there. Ms. Lewis spent thousands of dollars in legal fees and missed work because of this then with just minutes before the trial was to finally start the prosecutors abruptly dropped the case.

Politics gets ugly at times and this seems to be an example of that as well as total misuse of the office and legal system by DA Ted Bell whom Ms. Lewis said lied to her to get her to stop talking negatively about him. (Well, with his past behaviors…no surprise there)

 Roberson said “they (the prosecution) were leery about the evidence they could present so he told them to drop it and that he had more important things on his plate.”  Ms. Lewis is still talking about pursuing a civil action after the election against Roberson to recoup her losses on this suit.

 Now that brings us to last week. I wrote an article about all three candidates running for Sheriff listing their qualifications and length of service. (see article) Candidate Roberson seemed to take offense at the article, which outlined his dates of service with Polk County. He was so upset that he decided to post a Facebook video about it. This is where the story takes another strange turn.

In the video he never mentions my name yet he goes on and on about attorney Andrew LaBreche being the author of this article about him. He then went on a tirade against RC Deputy Brandon Ellenburg for being an “informant”against his fellow officers. He claimed several times to have proof that LaBreche had written my article.

After seeing this I posted another article with all the documents that I had obtained from Polk County concerning his length of service. (see article here) I had asked Polk County Sheriff’s Office for a copy of his BLET certification dates and training/certification records but none have been produced as of yet. (Why they would want to withhold that information I don’t know.)

Mr. LaBreche took great offense at being erroneously signaled out as writing articles about Roberson as he had told him earlier that he did not want to be involved in his “politics” on this campaign. (Roberson implied plagiarism by me in that video but hey I just backed it up with another article containing the documents from Polk County)

 When Mr. LaBreche sent a FB message to Roberson about this incident saying if it continued he would seek legal action against him. Roberson replied to him with “Go F*#k Yourself.” Then Roberson put up LaBreche’s private message to him on Facebook but omitted his reply.

Social Media was abuzz with this, with Roberson supporters saying he should sue LaBreche (no mention of for what??) and that LaBreche would never sue him. That was not to be the case however.

Candidate Roberson was served with the lawsuit from LaBreche on Thursday evening. I guess that was better than what happened to Ms. Lewis as at least he was not arrested and taken to jail as Robertson had done to her.

You can’t help but wonder about Karma in this situation. My grandmother always used to say to me “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and my Mom would say, “What goes around comes around.” In this case it seems that Tony Roberson is coming full circle on both these counts. We will continue to cover this with updates as they happen.

RC Politics 2022 …..Not a dull moment in the house folks!