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Clearing up Concerns….Tony Roberson’s Records

Anthony “Tony” Roberson


On Oct 1st I published an article about the three candidates for Sheriff in Rutherford County using data received from public records requests. In that article I stated for anyone who has questions to contact the candidate. It appears that some did.

The existence of the records of Mr. Robinson seem to be in doubt according to social media posts. That being said I am now releasing the records that were used for the article I wrote here. These records are from Polk County and I see no reason why they would falsify them. If you have concerns about this please contact Tommy Oakman, Human Resources Officer, Polk County NC  at 828.894.3301 x 224  or email at

The information on the records were reported in the first article but I will break it down for you here.

Anthony “Tony” Roberson’s Employment Records with Polk County Sheriff’s Office:

May -96 to June-96         1 month (FT) Jailer

June-96 to Sept -97       15 months (FT) Deputy


March -98 PT                    8 months (PT)  Temp

Nov. -98 – May -99          6 months (FT) Patrol Officer


July -99 – Sept.-99            2 months (PT) Jailer

Sept.-99 – May -01          20 months (FT) Deputy then Deputy Sargent.


Aug. -02 – Dec 07             5 yrs. 4 months (PT) Reserve Officer then Jailer Nov. ‘07

Dec. -07 –  Nov. -08         11 months (FT)  Deputy then Sgt. then went to Investigations, became Lt. then Capt. Of Patrol,   then Chief Deputy, then Interim Sheriff when the Sheriff Abril resigned. (See article why Sheriff Abril resigned)

Termination by new Sheriff.

11 + 20 + 6 + 15 +1  =  53 months (4.41 years Full Time)

64 +  2 + 8  =  74 months (6.16 years Part Time/Reserve)

 Total Service : 10. 57 years

If there are any more records available I would be more than happy to post them when authenticated.

To see Polk Count Records please click the following links:

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