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Ted Bell…….Why?

May 4, 2022

So many questions persist about District Attorney Ted Bell. The biggest ones concern why Ted Bell does the things he does.

Why does Ted Bell feel community activities are more important than the job he was elected and gets paid to do?

Matthew Fenner

Why with the backlog of cases does Ted Bell’s office close early on Fridays?

Why has Ted Bell put off the Word of Faith Fellowship trial (6+ years now) over and over and over again?

Why did Ted Bell say the victim in a case was “too fragile” to testify yet this same victim joined the army during the six (6) years it took to finally hear the case? (By the way the defendant was found innocent of all charges.)

Why did Ted Bell imply in a political forum that a young man committed suicide after testifying when it was an accidental fentanyl laced Xanax that he took?

Why is Ted Bell talking to and sharing confidential victim/suspect statements with a woman who lives in New Mexico and constantly posts videos about it?

Anthony Morrow

Why is this same woman supposedly collecting statements from Rutherford County residents for Ted Bell in ongoing murder trials?

Why did Ted Bell prioritize a littering trial (against an attorney that filed a complaint against him) and hear it first on the post Covid court docket?

Why does Ted Bell not try the majority of the cases brought before the court?

Why does Ted Bell never release any SBI investigations of wrongdoing in the Sheriff’s Office?

Why did Ted Bell knowingly alter a body cam video of a death by officer shooting?

Why did Ted Bell have to be ordered by a judge to allow the family of the victim of an officer shooting to see the body cam video?

Why did Ted Bell knowingly release still shots of the altered video of the officer shooting to the public?

Former Judge Randy Pool

Why did Ted Bell allow Judge Pool to accost his staff member with unwanted sexual attentions without intervening?

Why did Ted Bell agree with having SBI and LEO threaten a Pool victim if she proceeded with a case against him?

Why did “The Plea Deal DA” Ted Bell not offer a plea deal to Judge Pool’s victim and the judge hearing the case had to?

Why did Ted Bell expedite a hearing against Judge Pool’s victim when she was having difficulty paying the fees? (She did get them paid)

Why did Ted Bell send out mailers saying he had unanimous police endorsements from both McDowell and Rutherford County when he in fact did not?

Why did Ted Bell sign a statement with a radio station that this unanimous LEO support was true for radio ads knowing that it was not?

Why did Ted Bell not answer emails requesting written confirmation of these endorsements?

Why did Ted Bell then post on Facebook that these were “personal” endorsements yet his mailer has the titles and department of each individual listed?

Why does Ted Bell think the people of McDowell and Rutherford County are so enamored of him that they can’t see all the inconsistencies in his behavior?

Why does Ted Bell seem to think that what he wants is more important than justice for the people of McDowell and Rutherford counties?

Why would law abiding citizens who believe in truth and justice vote to continue letting Ted Bell do these things?

Be informed, vote for integrity, truth, and justice on May 17th. Do not let Ted Bell continue with these behaviors. The community you  save may be your own.

Early voting is going on now through May 14th. Make your voice heard!