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Making Laps with Bruce Wayne

 Hello small town friendly,

             Would like to first say thank you to all of my readers in. Rutherford and surrounding  counties for all of your prayers and thoughtful messages I’ve received during this awful time I’m having in my life.
Level 5 racing is alive and somewhat well and without your prayers I would be in A very dark place today..
We are still in the off season from Harris Speedway and as always I thought I’d just say some things needed said in order to make this town friendly again..we have seen our county flooded with deaths from Covid and now more so of overdoses from pressed pills.
Growing up as a child I seen a lot of grown up stuff in my days to fill Chase High stadium 10 times over and even tho it shaped me into o the person I’ve become today ,it also taught me of the do and don’t of we all like to point fingers and blame others for the troubles we face in every day life(Francis and others ) but listen readers that is just a way to justify the fact the we as parents or gaurdians either did not pay attention or just flat out dropped the ball somewhere down the line and therefore our children are now becoming pharmaceutical idiots / zombies…
we need to stop blaming the sheriff because our child or loved one has fell victim to the streets of everyday life…last time I checked the  sheriff did not  Forget to pick my son up from school and that leading to him tripping and landing on a pile of pressed actually it would fall square on my shoulders because I forgot to go see him In the little league games or the basketball games that he played in…My fault as a parent for not paying attention to the signs of addiction or better yet troubles of everyday life children face…we now can’t even let our children get arrested and hoping they are now off the streets and safe but instead overdosing at the jail just as quick as on the streets….
I’m not taking political sides here I’m just stating facts from myself a recovering  addict who understands  some of these issues we face…but at the end of the day it’s not the sheriff’s fault of the jail problems with inmates bringing  that junk thru the jail….trust me they have all kinds of  unique  ways to smuggle past officers…they do their best at the jail  and I never thought I’d ever say such because at one time I stayed there more than I did my home.(currently retired ) my point today readers is let’s take our community  back and stop blaming the world around us and the ones that protect us to the best of their ability  and x this problem as parents and help our children instead of blaming  people…this has got to stop or we are heading for destruction in all the ways possible…
take your kid to a movie ,ask them  what’s going on that needs addressed and make this town great again..there is a pandemic of covid 19 but the real pandemic is the fools that press those pills..I’ll pray that God sees you and puts unto your heart some love to get you or your loved one on the right path…
I have grandchildren Dawson and brayden  and if I ever seen them given a pill  I’d take the currently  retired part off of my name because we going to the dance….so to all of you pill dealers out here  we are begging you as a community  to please stop this madness…go away…we do not welcome you and also I want to say to sheriff Chris Francis, thank you for all you do and your officers do to protect us.  We may not see eye to eye on certain things in the past but you do the best you can with what u have…and the officer from the jail..hey I’ve been there enough to already know the troubles y’all face daily and hats off to you for the job you do … again I’m just speaking from my heart on how I think we could fix this problem out county now faces…  until next week readers, level 5 is on the mend and will see you at the track soon….
  Your favorite driver,
  Bruce Wayne#5